Understanding Group Types
Grow, Hang & Talk It Over,

Talk It Over Groups – Talk it over groups will give you an opportunity to dive deeper into the sermon from the weekend. Take notes during service. Utilize Online Notes. Bring them with you to the group and share what God spoke specifically to you and hear how God spoke to others. You will also be able to discuss sermon specific follow-up questions to the message.

Hang Groups – Looking to connect with people in our church that share the same interests as you? Get together for a time of bowling, fishing, shooting, eating, coffee-drinking, and more. During these groups, you will spend time doing a short devotional and prayer. *Majority of Hang Groups will user Talk It Over Discussion questions. The rest of the time you will participate in the activity of your groups’ choosing.

Grow Groups – If you are looking to go deeper in your faith, deeper in your understanding of the Bible and what it means to be a Christ follower this is the group type for you.