We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to service in order to allow time to get your kids checked in and find a seat.

When you arrive, a Moment Maker (volunteer) will greet you and walk you over to Kids VIP Check-In area. If for some reason you aren’t greeted, follow the signs and look for the colorful walls and K!DS signs. Our Kids Moment Makers  will get your family’s information and provide your child with a first-time sticker to identify them and you will be given a sticker to identify you as their parent. Then one of our Moment Makers will accompany you to the fun and age-appropriate environment that’s been created for your child. 

ALL Moment Makers 16 yrs and older are background checked and approved for the saftey of your child.

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Your child's safety is our #1 priority


In order to accomplish the vision of Kairos Kids, we must value the following:

  • Safety
  • Creative Bible Teaching
  • Age Appropriateness
  • Relationships
  • Fun


We ensure that our values are being met by following the standards below:


  • All Kairos Kids policies and procedures are upheld
  • All volunteers 16 yrs and up must complete and pass a background check
  • Volunteers must complete Moment Maker Training and complete shadow training
  • Volunteers must wear Kairos Kids t-shirts when serving in one of the children’s environments
  • Volunteer to child ratios are upheld
  • Children must be checked in to an environment and their name and code must be written on the room sign in sheet
  • Upon checking out of a kids environment, the child’s code is matched to the parent or guardian’s

Creative Bible Teaching

  • Orange is used in all K!DS Ministry environments the way it is written unless adaptations are required. 
  • Small-Group and Large-Group materials are prepared and ready according to shopping guide and prep lists
  • Room schedules are followed to ensure children experience small group and large group with as few distractions as possible Age Appropriateness
  • An adequate number of age-appropriate environments are available based on agility and age of kids
  • Child advocates serve at the main auditorium doors and volunteers are at the Kairos Kids Check-In to ensure children ages birth through 5th-grade check into Kairos Kids
  • Children ages 3 years to 5th grade are divided into age/grade based small groups
  • Each environment is equipped with schedule, lessons, music and activities for specific age group
  • We believe in the “Cookies on the Bottom Shelf” principle….make learning about Jesus and the Bible easy and understandable so children feel successful Relationships
  • Volunteer Organizational Charts are used to ensure all environments are properly staffed with volunteers
  • Volunteers are asked to serve on a weekly basis in the same environment
  • Small groups are established for 3 years-5th grade 
  • Rooms are staged with activity stations that are age-appropriate and engaging for all learning styles, genders, and personalities
  • Volunteers interact with kids in activity stations, engage kids in small-group, and participate in large-group to provide a fun experience for kids

What do Values look like through the eyes of a child?

  • Safety = I know what is going to happen at church (Routine and Structure)
  • Creative Bible Teaching = I want to participate (Engages their attention)
  • Age Appropriateness = I know the answers (Learning is easy)
  • Relationships = I have a friend at church (Feel Important)
  • Fun = Playing (Toys and Activities)

We provide a clean and safe nursery for your child so that you and your family can enjoy worship services without distraction. Babies are surrounded by caring Moment Makers who love nurturing these little ones. When checking in your child, please bring a diaper bag, diapers, wipes, bottle or sippy cup, pacifier, extra outfit, and a soothing stuffed animal or blanket if necessary.

PRE-K | 3's & 4's

Our Preschool environment provides a safe zone for those who may be a little unsteady on their feet. In addition to playing, energetic moment makers begin introducing children to important truths from God’s Word. When checking in your child, please bring: pull-ups and wipes, and a change of clothes; sippy cups are okay, too!

ELEMENTARY 1 | K-2nd Grade

Elementary kids at Kairos experience interactive lessons that reinforce important virtues from God’s word. Using a large group format that features engaging worship, multimedia, and hands-on activities, dedicated moment makers teach the children and prepare them to transition seamlessly to their next age-appropriate environment.

ELEMENTARY 2 | 3rd-5th Grade

Kids will likely be the most amazing part of your child’s week! Passionate leaders present an engaging large group lesson, complete with awesome worship, and multimedia. This is followed by an age-appropriate small group time to dig deeper into each week’s bottom line from God’s Word.