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Scripture: John 18:7-11

Reflection: In his zeal to protect Jesus, Peter resorts to violence, revealing his misunderstanding of Jesus' mission and his own role as a disciple.

Devotional: In John 18, as Jesus is being arrested, Peter draws his sword and strikes the high priest's servant, cutting off his ear. Jesus immediately rebukes Peter, instructing him to sheath his sword and emphasizing that He must drink the cup the Father has given Him.
Peter’s actions, though well-intentioned, were misguided. He believed he needed to defend Jesus physically, not understanding that Jesus' kingdom was not of this world. This skirmish demonstrates how zeal without understanding can lead to actions that contradict God's will.
As followers of Christ, we might sometimes act out of misplaced zeal, attempting to forcefully impose our beliefs on others or defend God in ways that cause more harm than good. Jesus calls us to a different approach—one of love, patience, and trust in His plan.

Reflection Questions:
    1. Have you ever acted out of zeal in a way that caused harm?
    2. How can you balance your passion for Christ with a loving and patient approach?

Practical Application:
    • Reflect on times when your zeal may have led to harmful actions. Seek forgiveness from those affected and from God.
    • Commit to approaching others with love and patience, especially when discussing your faith.
Prayer: Father, help me to balance my passion for You with wisdom and love. Teach me to act in ways that align with Your will, showing patience and understanding to others. Amen.