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Scripture: Luke 22:55-62

Reflection: In a moment of fear, Peter denies Jesus three times, highlighting the human struggle with fear and the pressure to conform.

Devotional: In Luke 22, Peter, who earlier declared he would never deny Jesus, finds himself doing exactly that. When confronted, Peter denies knowing Jesus three times, and the rooster crows. Jesus turns and looks at Peter, reminding him of the prediction and bringing Peter to tears of remorse.
This skirmish between fear and faith is one that many of us face. Under pressure, Peter chose self-preservation over loyalty to Jesus. His failure was not due to lack of love but due to fear and human frailty. Yet, this moment of failure did not define Peter. Through repentance and humility, Peter was restored and used mightily by God.
Our failures, too, can become opportunities for growth. When we fall, we must remember that Jesus offers forgiveness and restoration. It is through acknowledging our weaknesses and seeking His strength that we can overcome.

Reflection Questions:
    1. Have you ever denied your faith or compromised your values out of fear?
    2. How can you find strength in Christ to stand firm in your faith?

Practical Application:
    • Reflect on times you may have compromised your faith. Confess these moments to God and seek His forgiveness.
    • Strengthen your faith through regular fellowship with other believers and by immersing yourself in God’s word.

Prayer: Lord, forgive me for the times I have denied You out of fear. Strengthen my faith and help me to stand firm in my beliefs, no matter the circumstances. Amen.