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In the concluding sermon message, we are reminded that the name of Jesus is not just a label but a source of life, freedom, and transformation. This name brings salvation, embodies peace, and carries the promise of an abundant life. Through Jesus, we are invited into a relationship with God that redefines our existence, offering a new identity, purpose, and a hope that transcends earthly circumstances.
The call to recognize and surrender to the name of Jesus is a call to freedom—from sin, from self, from the lies we believe about ourselves. It's an invitation to live in the truth of who we are in Christ: redeemed, loved, and called to proclaim His name.

Reflection Question
How does the life-giving name of Jesus inspire you to live differently? What aspects of your life need to be transformed by the truth of His name?

Daily Challenge
Reflect on the attributes associated with the name of Jesus—freedom, peace, purpose, joy, love, perfection, resurrection, and salvation. Choose one attribute that you particularly need to embrace or manifest in your life. Share this attribute with a friend or family member, discussing how the name of Jesus brings this attribute into your life and how you plan to live out this truth today.

Lord Jesus, Your name is life, freedom, and salvation. Inspire us to live fully in the truth of Your name, embracing the freedom and purpose You offer. Transform our hearts and lives so that we may be a beacon of Your love and grace in the world. Help us to carry Your name with honor, proclaiming it in every word we speak and every action we take. Amen.