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The sermon moves us from the privilege of naming to the divine appointment found in the name of Jesus. Unlike any other, His name was chosen by God and announced by an angel, ensuring that the Savior of the world would carry a name befitting His monumental mission. Jesus—meaning "Jehovah is salvation"—is a name that encapsulates His purpose to save humanity from sin.

This name was not just given as a label but as a declaration of Jesus' identity and mission. It is through this name that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The biblical passages from Luke and Matthew not only reveal the divine origin of Jesus' name but also its eternal significance.

In the broader context of names within the Bible, Jesus' name holds unparalleled power. It's a testament to God's intentional design and His plan for salvation. The name of Jesus is a banner of hope, a declaration of divine love, and the ultimate expression of God's promise to humanity.

Reflection Question

How does the name of Jesus influence your understanding of His role in your life and in the world?

Daily Challenge

Reflect on the power held within the name of Jesus. Today, make a conscious effort to pray in Jesus' name, specifically focusing on the attributes His name represents—salvation, love, and peace. Journal about how this practice impacts your day and your connection to God.


Lord Jesus, Your name is above every other, a mighty fortress and a bastion of salvation. Grant us the grace to fully grasp the magnitude of Your name, the salvation it brings, and the love it signifies. May we live our lives as a reflection of Your name, spreading Your peace and love in every word and deed. Amen.