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In the heart of the Easter season, our journey through the sermon series "HIS NAME IS" brings us to a profound realization: the act of naming is not just a task, but a privilege bestowed by God. The narrative begins with God entrusting Adam with the responsibility to name all creatures, symbolizing not only a duty but an honor, highlighting the significance and intentionality behind names. 

This notion extends to our lives in a deeply personal way, as seen through the pastor's experiences with naming his children. Each name, whether given at birth or through adoption, carries a distinct meaning, story, and significance. It reflects not just identity, but destiny. The biblical name Seth signifies God's provision and promise, Gideon illustrates strength in humility, and Cohen represents a priestly heritage. Names like Grace, Hope, Joy, and Faith further underscore the intrinsic value and aspiration bestowed upon individuals. 

Above all, the name of Jesus stands paramount. Scripturally, angels declare His name to Mary and Joseph, signifying His mission to save mankind. This name, Jesus—Yeshua in Hebrew—embodies salvation, deliverance, and the divine presence of God among us. It's a name that carries supreme power, authority, and the ultimate story of redemption. 

Reflection Question 

How does understanding the significance behind your name, or the names you've given, change your perception of identity and purpose? 

Daily Challenge 

Today, take a moment to research the meaning behind your name or the names of your loved ones. Reflect on how these meanings relate to your personal journey or aspirations. Share this insight with someone close to you, discussing the importance of names and the story they tell about God's plan in your lives. 


Heavenly Father, thank You for the profound privilege of naming and the meanings behind the names You inspire us to choose. Help us to see the significance in our own names and the names of those around us, as reflections of Your intentions and blessings for our lives. May we honor You in how we acknowledge and respect the identities and stories You've woven into each name. In Jesus' name, Amen.