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God called Pastor Brent to plant a church and he wasn’t bold enough to say no. Plus, we’ve seen the power of the right church, in the right place, at the right time.

Why another church? We are all made unique and we all desire to worship, serve and give to a church that helps us live out our uniqueness. The church down the road who is reaching certain people with the gospel may not be able to reach the people God has called us to reach with the gospel. We want to partner with other churches to reach our community.

Why another Church? There is a growing view of churches as being stuffy, unwelcoming and detached from what’s going on around them in the world. While that is not true of all churches. We want the church to be seen and heard as a place of energy, excitement and irresistible environments. We want to come in strong saying YOU are welcome just as you are. We are aware of your problems and the community problems and we want to partner with you and God to overcome those problems.

Why another Church? 350,000 people in Polk County have no connection to a church, God or Jesus Christ. Which means in the surrounding cities of Auburndale, Winter Haven, Bartow, and Lake Alfred that approximately 35,000 people have no connection to Jesus.

Why not another church? The more churches we have sharing about salvation in Jesus, the better our communities will be! I say let’s cover our community with church’s that are desperate to reach not-yet Christians!

Kairos, Greek in origin, means time. But not just any idea of time: Kairos isn’t about minutes and seconds. It’s not about the flow of time or a specific measurement of time. Kairos means an appointed time, an opportune moment, or a due season.
We only have a brief opportunity to shepherd our kids when they’re still young children. To love, engage and connect with our spouse. To be with a friend when they are experiencing pain, we have a brief window of time in which to reach out to them.
Kairos is making the most of your time, making the most of every opportunity. We believe at Kairos Church that in order to make the most of every opportunity you have to embrace Jesus in every moment.

We want our worship to flow throughout the entire service. Through music and singing, through the message, through our giving and through stories of life change.
We want our worship style to reach and connect with everyone, no matter the depth of their relationship with Jesus or how long they’ve been in church.
That means we want to allow the spirit to move through worship but we also don’t want it to move in such a way that not-yet Christians do not understand.
Full band. Fresh songs. Uplifting and challenging lyrics. Irresistible environments and culture.
Worship will always set the tone for Gods word to penetrate hearts and minds.
It will be on the louder side. There won’t be an organ. There won’t be a choir. There won’t be hymns, or as some call it traditional worship. We want to reach this generation and in order to do that, we have to produce a worship experience that resonates with everyone, whether they are a Christian or not.

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